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Dry type transformer

3 phase transformer

3 phase transformer

What is a three-phase transformer,Three-phase transformer components,Three-phase transformer application

3 phase dry-type transformer
What is a three-phase transformer
Generally there are three primary windings, the connection method is divided into triangle and star, Yanbian triangle, etc., the voltage on the three windings phase difference of 120 degrees, which is the common three-phase 380 volt wiring, the traditional core is three Three-phase, three-phase five-pole, involute and other forms. In fact, there are many large-scale three-phase transformers in substations. For ease of transportation and installation, and for good heat dissipation, there are also three separate single-phase transformers. The input is a traditional triangle or star connection, equivalent to a Taiwan three-phase transformer.

Three-phase transformer components
Transformer intimate materials: Transformer core materials used mainly iron, low silicon, high silicon, the silicon added to the steel can reduce the conductivity of the steel sheet, increase the resistivity, it can reduce the eddy current and reduce its loss . We usually call silicon-added steel sheets for silicon steel. The quality of the silicon steel used in the quality of the transformer has a great relationship.
Insulation materials of transformers: In winding transformers, insulation between coil frame layers and insulation between windings must be insulated. General transformer frame materials can be made of phenolic paperboard, and polyester film or telephone paper can be used between layers. For isolation, yellow rags can be used for isolation.
Transformer impregnated material: After the transformer is wound, it must go through the last process, that is, impregnating the insulating paint, it can enhance the mechanical strength of the transformer, improve the insulation performance, and prolong the service life. In general, the cresol varnish can be used as impregnation. material.

Three-phase transformer application
Three-phase transformer products are widely used in industrial and mining enterprises, textile machinery, printing and packaging, petrochemicals, schools, shopping malls, elevators, telecommunications, medical machinery, office equipment, test equipment, industrial automation equipment, household appliances, high-rise buildings, machine tools, tunnels The power transmission and distribution and imported equipment and other all need normal voltage assurance.

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