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Comparison of advantages and disadvantages between dry and oil immersed transformers

Price comparison - oil-immersed transformers have lower cost than dry-type transformers.
Capacity Comparison - Oil-immersed transformers are generally larger than dry-type transformers. Dry-type transformers are generally suitable for power distribution. The capacity is mostly below 1600KVA, the voltage is below 10KV, and some can achieve 35KV voltage level. The oil-type transformer can do all the capacity from small to large, and the voltage level also does all. Voltage.
Comparison of use places - dry change is generally used in integrated buildings (basement, floor, roof, etc.) and crowded places. Oil-immersed transformers are used in independent substation locations. The transformer inside the box is generally dry-changed, and the outdoor temporary power is generally an oil-immersed transformer.
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Volume contrast - oil-immersed transformers are larger than dry-type transformers, so space requirements are more spacious when using oil changes, and dry-type transformers can only be used when space is crowded.
Comparison of environmental requirements - In general, oil-immersed transformers have better heat dissipation than dry-change. Dry-type transformers are generally insulated with resin, relying on natural air-cooling, large-capacity cooling by fans, and oil-immersed transformers are insulated by insulating oil. The insulation of the oil inside the transformer will produce a tropical-to-transformer radiator. ) to dissipate heat.
Appearance contrast - different package types, dry transformers can directly see the core and coil, while oil-type transformers can only see the outer casing of the transformer.
Comparison of lead forms - Most dry-type transformers use silicone rubber bushings, while oil-type transformers mostly use porcelain bushings.
Comparison of load bearing capacity - general dry type transformers should be operated at rated capacity, while oil type transformers have better overload capacity.

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