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Nine major problems that must be paid attention to when installing power transformers

Nine major problems that must be paid attention to when installing power transformers
1. The installation position of the transformer should be naturally ventilated, and the bottom of the transformer should be 1.1 meters above the ground.
2, the distribution transformer installation room must be a fire-resistant building, open outside the door, no windows (opening blinds), there should be oil storage pits, and there are blinds at the pits to prevent small animals from entering;
3, the installation transformer grounding must be tight and good, the working zero line and the grounding zero line should be separated, the working zero line can not be buried underground, the grounding line should have a disconnectable connection point;
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4, the Oil immersed transformer installation electrical connection is good, copper and aluminum should use copper-aluminum transition joints;
5. There shall be no combustibles in the explosion-proof pipe nozzle of the transformer;
Sixth, the transformer installation should be slightly inclined, the fuel tank (oil pillow) should have a certain slope, the slope is 1% - 1.5%;
7. The components of the dry type transformer and the body must be fixed firmly;
8. The height of the secondary busbar support of the transformer shall be not less than 2.3 meters, and the fence shall be added on both sides. The primary and secondary leads shall not bear the strength of the insulating sleeve.
9. The low-voltage side of the power transformer and the fuel tank (oil pillow) are on the outside. The 10KV transformer casing and casing are not less than one meter away from the door, the wall is not less than 0.8 meters, the operation switch is not less than 1.2 meters; the 35KV transformer casing and casing distance The door is not less than two meters and the wall is not less than 1.5 meters.

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