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Is laminated wood for transformers a wood-based panel?

 Many people don't know whether electrical laminate wood belongs to wood-based panels or solid wood panels. Let me tell you today.

First of all, we need to introduce the wood-based panels for everyone. According to the composition of the components, the wood-based panels are roughly divided into five types.
1. Glued wood. The plywood is made of three or more layers, the number of layers is odd, and each layer of thin wood with a thickness of about 11 mm is pressed and pressed. The direction of the wood fibers between the layers of the plywood is perpendicular to each other. The plywood has a large and flat surface, accurate size and uniform thickness, and is suitable for use as a large-area plate-like part of various doors, ceilings and floor panels of furniture.
laminated wood for transformers
2, particle board. The particleboard is made by cutting the corner material in the wood processing process, cutting into pieces and then adding hot pressing. Particleboard is often used for table tops, bedboards and various panel cabinet furniture. The thickness of various particleboards is 13mm, 16mm, 19mm, 22mm.
3, fiberboard. Fibreboard is a kind of artificial board made by crushing, pulping, forming, drying and hot pressing using scraps in wood processing. The fiberboard is divided into three types: hard, semi-rigid and soft. It has the characteristics of uniform structure, hard texture and large width.
4, blockboard. Blockboard refers to a veneer made of plywood with a wood-based panel that is tightly packed with fine wood strips.
5, air core board. The hollow core board refers to a wood-based panel made of plywood, a flat panel, and a light material in the middle. There are many types of hollow slabs, such as square hollow core panels, wooden hollow core panels, paper honeycomb panels, foamed plastic hollow core panels, and the like.

The electrician laminated wood is a veneer made of high-quality wood which is cooked, rotary-cut and dried, coated with special insulating glue and pressed at high temperature. The product made by this process is called a wood veneer, so the laminate for the transformer is a wood-based panel.

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