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Transformer is very important for mobile phone charger

Maybe many people will be very curious, mobile phone charger is so small, how can there be no transformer? At this time, we need to give everyone the knowledge of the transformer under the science, and the transformer is a device that uses the principle of electromagnetic induction to change the AC voltage. Transformers on the street or in substations are large and medium-sized power transformers. The voltage is relatively high, and some even reach 110KV. The transformers in mobile phones only convert 220V to 9V or 12V. Because the transformer in the charger needs to change and withstand a relatively small voltage, the number of internal turns is small and the volume is much smaller.
Transformer is very important for mobile phone charger
The maximum voltage that the human body can withstand is 36V, so even if the mobile phone leaks under normal conditions, it will not harm the human body. However, there are some low-quality mobile phone chargers. The internal materials are not qualified. During the long-term use, the resistors inside will be burned and the transformers will malfunction. As a result, the voltage of 220V will be directly leaked and the life will be harmed.
So for life safety considerations, choose a good transformer.

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