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Oil-immersed transformer fire safety measures

1. The distance between the oil-immersed transformer with the oil volume above 2500kg and the oil-filled electrical equipment with the oil volume between 600kg and 2500kg shall not be less than 5m. 
2. When the fire separation distance between two adjacent oil-immersed transformers does not meet the requirements, a fireproof partition or a fireproof partition shall be provided at the top of the partition. Between single-phase oil-immersed transformers, only fireproof partition walls or fireproof water curtains may be provided.
3. When the distance between the outer wall of the factory building and the outer edge of the oil-immersed transformer outside the house is less than that specified in the specification table, the exterior wall shall use a firewall. The distance between the wall and the outer edge of the transformer should not be less than 0.8m.
4. When the outer wall of the factory building is within 5m from the outer edge of the oil-immersed transformer, within the range of the transformer's total thickness plus 3m horizontal line and the outer edges of the two sides plus 3m each, doors, windows and holes shall not be opened; Doors and fixed windows on firewalls shall have fire resistance not less than 0.9h.
5. For oil-immersed transformers and other oil-filled electrical equipment with a single oil volume above 1000Kg, an oil sump and a common oil sump shall be provided, and transformer pebbles shall be placed in reserve for fire protection and unloading.
6. Oil-immersed transformers shall be provided with fixed water spray and other fire extinguishing systems in accordance with the current relevant regulations. The oil-immersed factory transformer should be installed in a separate room. The door of the room should be a Class B fire door that opens outwards. It should be open to the outside or corridors and should not be open to other rooms.
Oil-immersed transformer fire safety measures

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