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CWIEME Berlin will open after 15days

 Many people may not understand CWIEME Berlin, or understand why it takes time and effort to attend the show. Today we will introduce CWIEME Berlin.
Exhibition Overview:
The "Berlin Coil, Insulation Material and Electrical Appliances Manufacturing Exhibition in Berlin, Germany" will be held at the Berlin International Exhibition Center from June 19-21, 2018. The exhibition was held for the first time in 1996 in Berlin, Germany. It is held once every year and has been held for 22 years. History. At present, it has become the world's most influential professional exhibition of electromagnetic coils, motors, transformers, rewinding and electrical insulation. According to the exhibitor statistics, in 2017, there were 750 companies from 44 countries and regions including China, Germany, France, Italy, the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, and Japan. The exhibition area exceeded 25,000 square meters. Professional visitors come from 7,000 people in 88 countries and regions. In 2013, four pavilions were added to the original four pavilions. According to the sales of 2013 exhibitions, the organizers will increase another pavilion in 2014, totaling six pavilions, to meet the increase in the number of exhibitors and the scale of booths. The request. According to Zhongzhan ocean statistics, there were more than 150 companies exhibiting in China in 2017. In addition to Berlin, the show has been held in Chicago, USA, Bangalore, India (formerly in Mumbai) and China. Many of China's electromagnetic coil, motor, transformer manufacturing and rewinding and electrical insulation companies have been exhibiting for many years in a row. This exhibition provides an excellent platform for Chinese companies to enter the European market and understand the global cutting-edge information. Zhongzhan Ocean will continue to serve China. Enterprises provide professional exhibition services.
CWIEME Berlin will open after 15days
Range of exhibition:
Materials: rare earth minerals, permanent magnetic materials, soft magnetic materials, amorphous materials, magnetic materials, conductive materials, insulating paints, insulating materials, resins, films, laminated products, adhesives, adhesive tapes, and composite materials. Mica products, impregnated fibrous products, plastics and other insulating materials, electric carbon products and electrical alloys, etc.; equipment and equipment categories: winding machines, threading machines, wire harness machines, wire drawing machines, laminating, impregnating machines, terminal machines, punching , cutting, welding, painting equipment, armature detector, motor performance tester, dynamic balancer, power tester, dynamometer, insulation tester, magnetic measuring instrument, online detector, CAT, mechanical inspection Equipment and other production and testing equipment; control systems and devices: motors (motors); motor control systems and servo systems, coil windings, drives, governors, numerical control devices, transformers, inverters, converters, special equipment, and electronics. Devices and devices; supporting products: commutators, bearings, commutators, brushes, dies, fans, iron cores, shafts, punching plates, end caps, thermal protectors, wires, Cheng plastic junction box connector. Transformer skeleton, motor housing, armature, core, stator, rotor, precision parts, sensors, switches, power supplies and related products.
Therefore, CWIEME is like a feast of an electric group and it is an opportunity for all electrical appliances industry to stand on the world stage.
ZTELEC will be in CWIEME Berlin 15 days later.

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