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2018 Alibaba Zhengzhou E-commerce Ecological Warfare

2018 Alibaba's Zhengzhou Ecosphere War started on May 12 and hundreds of companies participated in the event. ZTELEC GROUP is one of them.
2018 Alibaba Zhengzhou E-commerce Ecological Warfare

In order to prepare for this event, the company's colleagues are all working hard to prepare, our Zhang hands are injured, but to the team's honor, led the team to participate.
Colleagues work hard to prepare for mobilization before standing
In this activity, in order to give back to Everbright's user groups, and to allow new and old customers to feel the warm atmosphere of the event together with us, the company decided to negotiate that 18 kinds of products will be given preferential prices. Time will continue from May 14 to June 10, seize the opportunity, miss this time will wait until the next century.SALE!SALE!SALE!
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