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Special purpose transformer

ZP(T)SG Dry Type Phase Shifting Rectifier Transformer

ZP(T)SG Dry Type Phase Shifting Rectifier Transformer

ZP(T)SG Type Dry Phase Shift Rectifier Transformer Product Model Meaning
ZP(T)SG Phase-shifting Rectifier Transformer Product Overview

ZP(T)SG Dry Type Phase Shifting Rectifier Transformer

Product Model Meaning

ZP(T)SG  ①/②
Z—————— Rectification
P—————— Frequency conversion
T—————— Speed ​​regulation
S—————— Three-phase
G—————— Dry type
①—————— Rated Capacity (KVA)
②—————— Rated voltage (high voltage KV)

Product Description

     ZP(T)SG dry-type phase-shifting rectifier transformer is a device specially designed for multi-phase rectifier power supply for medium and high voltage frequency converters. At present, high-voltage frequency conversion adjustment technology has developed rapidly, and high-voltage-level large-capacity frequency converters have been increasingly used. The adoption of dry-type and variable-speed control can greatly reduce energy consumption and save production costs. In response to market demand, ZTELEC successfully developed a series of multi-winding phase-shift rectifiers based on the technology of dry production design for many years, and it has been successfully used in national key projects. It adopts Yanbian triangle phase-shifting principle and passes through a plurality of different phase-shifting angle secondary windings to form a primary-side direct-input with 9-phase, 12-phase, 15-phase, 18-phase, 24-phase, and 27 equal rectification phases. The high-voltage power grid has a plurality of three-phase windings on the secondary side. It expresses the low-voltage three-phase windings on the secondary side of the Yanbian delta connection according to 0°, θ°, ..., (60-θ)°, and simultaneously expresses the low voltage three phases. Winding line voltage relative to the phase shift angle of the three equal windings. When each phase is connected in series by n H-bridge elements, θ=60°/n, multiplexing of inputs is achieved, and 6n pulse wave rectification is formed. In this way, if each H-Bridge unit has power balance and the current amplitude is the same, the input current on the theoretical side of the network does not contain 6n±1 sub-harmonics, and the power factor can be increased. Generally, no reactive power compensation and harmonic wave filter device is required. .

It is most suitable for use in environments where fire protection requirements are high and load fluctuations are large, such as offshore oil platforms, thermal power plants, waterworks, metallurgy and chemical industry, mining building materials and other special working environments. The multi-winding phase-shift rectification transformer has a variety of external structures, which can be determined according to the requirements of the user. The external dimensions can be adapted to the requirements of the user's installation.

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