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Cute Russian customer buys the phase-shifting rectifier transformer

Author:ZTELEC   Update time:2018-04-23 17:25:57
Cute Russian customer buys the phase-shifting rectifier transformer
On April 20th, the Russian customer arrived in Zhengzhou. After dispatching someone to the airport, the plant went straight to the factory and made final tests on the Phase-Shifting Rectifier Transformer ordered by the customer. After a busy day, the customer received satisfactory data. We also packed transformers and shipped customs on the second day.
Phase-Shifting Rectifier Transformer Experiment Data
Gold Cup Silver Cup is not as good as customers' word of mouth. This Russian customer is introduced by our former old customers and believes in our quality and service.
On-site inspection
This Russian customer subverted my understanding of the Russians. I have always felt that Russia is very much able to drink, but this lovely Russian customer says that the bad guys are drinking.
ZTELEC production, you deserve it.