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How to improve the quality of cheap three-phase dry-type transformers

Along with the development of the global economy and the continuous improvement of productivity, the demand for electric power is increasing, and the demand for dry-type transformers is increasing. The market for three-phase transformers is growing. The bigger the market, the more intense the competition. Transformer manufacturers want to get more orders, it is necessary to proceed from its quality and price, and constantly adjust the cheap three-phase dry-type transformer. For the transformer, it should improve its quality from the following four aspects:

1. Iron core: Select the ring core with high quality and tight winding, the electric efficiency is up to 95%, and the no-load current is only 10% of the laminated type.
2. Enameled wire: choose to use copper enameled wire or aluminum enameled wire with temperature resistance of 180 or above. This type of enameled wire has high temperature resistance and strong adhesion of paint layer, which is beneficial to improve the reliability of the product. If you choose inferior enameled wire production, The quality of the paint layer is poor, and the pores of the paint layer per unit length are too large, which easily causes the coil to be short-circuited, thereby burning the transformer.
cheap three-phase dry-type transformers

3. Insulation material: The insulation material used in cheap toroidal transformer determines the safety and service life of the transformer. The insulation material is good. The impact resistance of the ring dry type transformer is strong. The possibility of short circuit and leakage of the toroidal transformer is small. If the insulation material is damaged or cannot withstand the temperature rise of the transformer itself, the transformer is easily short-circuited directly.
4. Winding process: The winding process of the toroidal three-phase transformer is also very important. Every employee must undergo professional training, and the achievement of the standard can only be put on the job, effectively ensuring that the winding wires of the windings of the toroidal transformer are evenly arranged and leveled; The winding strength of the machine is properly adjusted to avoid the phenomenon of the paint lacquer layer in the winding process. The toroidal iron core is evenly and evenly wrapped around the winding enameled wires, and can effectively reduce the "click" caused by the core magnetostriction.

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