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How to troubleshoot oil-immersed transformers

In the event of an oil-immersed transformer failure, it is necessary to carefully observe and discover that some small faults of the oil-immersed distribution transformer can be solved. Today, I will teach you some repair techniques to help you operate oil-immersed power transformers within reasonable knowledge and operation. We recommend some gadgets for everyone to use during the repair process.

Preparation tools: multimeter, Phillips screwdriver, slotted screwdriver, 8-10 wrench, needle-nosed pliers, 12-14 wrench
(1) First cut off the power supply to the transformer to ensure that there is no power on the line of the oil-immersed transformer.
(2) Replace the oil-immersed distribution transformer AC contactor
(3) Check if the fuse on the oil-immersed three-phase transformer control panel is broken or not. If it is broken, please replace it.
(4) Check the traces of the open circuit behind the oil-immersed power transformer control circuit board. If there is any, please contact the manufacturer for replacement.
(5) Check if the oil-immersed transformer control circuit and the modulated carbon brush are normal.
(6) Check whether the equipment at the load end of the oil-immersed transformer is completely turned off before power-on. If it is off, it can be powered on to check whether the oil-immersed transformer is working properly.
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The failure of the oil-immersed transformer is not terrible. As long as we know the type of fault, there are many basic types and elements to be used. If you have mastered the basic troubleshooting method, some glitch can be solved by yourself. For technical questions, please ask a technician.
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