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What are the methods to judge the quality of oil-immersed transforme

The oil-immersed transformer must be carefully inspected before purchase to ensure the effect. However, many buyers do not understand oil-immersed distribution transformers, so ZTELEC teaches you how to judge the quality of oil-immersed transformers:

First look at the output voltage indication, if the output voltage is around 380 (except custom voltage), the output voltage is normal, then switch the switch on the panel to manual, press the boost button, increase the output voltage by about 20V, and then convert Switch to automatic, if the voltage automatically recovers to 380V or so, the oil-immersed transformer step-down regulation is normal, then switch the switch to manual, press the buck button, reduce the output voltage by about 20V, and then convert the switch To automatic, if the voltage is automatically restored to about 380V, the boost adjustment of the oil-immersed transformer is normal. If the oil-immersed power transformer step-up and step-down regulation is normal, the oil-immersed transformer control circuit works normally. If any of the phases are not normal, switch the board to the standby board and repeat the above operation. If the oil-immersed transformer is stepped down and the output voltage is high or low, the output voltage can be adjusted by adjusting the distribution transformer potentiometer. (There are four potentiometers in the board. The three rows can't be adjusted. You can adjust the single one, increase the voltage clockwise and lower the voltage counterclockwise.)
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If the oil-immersed transformer changeover switch is switched to manual, the distribution transformer has no sound. If the sound of the motor or carbon brush is pressed by the boost or buck button is normal, if the transfer switch is switched to automatic, if the motor is also issued or The sound of carbon brush rubbing is normal.

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