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fiberglass poles price

fiberglass poles price

Mainly shows the production process of polyester pull strip, its application place, and fiberglass poles price

pultrusion process
produces pull strips made of polyester, epoxy, phenolic resins and related raw materials, and produces glass fiber composite products through various processes such as pultrusion, winding, pultruding, winding, molding, rolling, and pasting. It is made of alkali-free, glass-free glass-impregnated resin that is continuously drawn and formed by high-temperature curing.
Mainly used for electrical equipment insulation structure. Shapes are rectangular, I-shaped, angular, T-shaped, groove-shaped, circular tube-shaped, cylindrical, and other shapes.
fiberglass poles
The characteristics of our products: high mechanical strength, small partial discharge, dielectric loss, heat resistance, aging resistance, easy processing. The company is willing to serve the colleagues in the society with advanced technology, excellent quality, reasonable price and perfect service.

Standard: JB/T 10943-2010 830 850
Base Material Glass Fiber Yarn
Resin Unsaturated Polyester Epoxy
Color White Green
No. Properties Unit Index
1 Density g/cm2 1.8-2.0 1.9-2.1
2 Water Absorption % ≤0.5 ≤0.5
3 Barcol Hardness - ≥50 ≥65
4 Tensile Strength MPa ≥100 ≥500
(parallel fiber direction)
5 Tensile Modulus MPa ≥1.0*104 ≥1.0*104
(parallel fiber direction)
6 Bending Strength (vertical Fiber direction) 23±2℃ MPa ≥150 ≥340
7   130℃ MPa ≥70 ≥180
8 Bending Modulus   MPa ≥0.6*104 ≥0.6*104
(vertical fiber direction)
9 Compressive Strength Parallel Fiber
MPa ≥250 ≥380
10   Vertical Fiber
  ≥150 ≥180
11 Shear Strength   MPa ≥70 ≥70
12 Insulation Resistance   Ω ≥1.0*1012 ≥1.0*1012
13 Surface Resistivity   Ω ≥1.0*1011 ≥1.0*1011
14 Breakdown Voltage   KV ≥45 ≥50
 in the Fiber Direction
(in the air)
15 Arc Resistance   s ≥182 ≥300
16 Flammability   - FV0 FV0

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