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Filament Wound Epoxy Tubes

Filament Wound Epoxy Tubes

What is Filament Wound Epoxy Tubes? What is the use of Filament winding glass fiber epoxy tube? Epoxy Glass Fiber Winding Tube Features

                                                    Filament Wound Epoxy Tubes
The Filament Wound Epoxy Tubes developed by ZTELEC are made of high-quality glass fiber impregnated with ultra-low viscosity high temperature epoxy resin and cross-wound under the control of a microcomputer. It is a high-quality raw material for manufacturing high-pressure, UHV SF6 high-voltage electrical appliances and composite hollow casings for current transformers. For many years, the company has been supplying
Filament winding glass fiber epoxy tubof various specifications from 40.5KV to 550KV for many well-known high-voltage electrical switch manufacturers at home and abroad, and has provided products for many transformer tap changer manufacturers at home and abroad.

Product use: It is widely used as the main insulator of high-pressure products such as oil-immersed transformers, H-class dry-type transformers, railway locomotive transformers, on-load tap-changers, reactors, surge arresters, SF6 transformers, and test equipment.

Features: 1. High withstand voltage 2. Low dielectric loss 3. Small amount of partial discharge 4. High mechanical strength 5. No deformation and no delamination 6. Very low water absorption 7. Chemical resistance (SF6 resistance)

Product specifications:
Insulation barrel inner diameter from Φ16mm to Φ2480mm
Wall thickness ≥ 3mm
Length is within the length of the mandrel
Specifically customized according to customer requirements.

Ordering instructions: Please try to apply the existing mandrel specifications as much as possible. For example, it is costly and time-consuming to redo the mandrel.

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