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Electrical Insulation Paper Sheet

Electrical Insulation Paper Sheet

What is Electrical Insulation Paper Sheet? Eletrician Insulating Paperboard, T4 cardboard common specifications

Electrical Insulation Paper Sheet
The Electrical Insulation Paper Sheet produced by ZTELEC has good mechanical strength, high electric strength, large tightness, small shrinkage and good flatness. It is widely used in transformers, capacitors, transformers and other equipment. Used as insulation material. The emergence of this material has brought about a new height in China's mechanical industry.
Nominal thickness mm0.8-5.02
Thickness deviation (maximum) ≤1.6mm>1.6mm%±7.5±5.03
Tightness ≤1.6mm>1.6-3.0mm>3.0-6.0mmg/cm3 1.00-1.201.10-1.251.15-1.304
Tensile strength (minimum) longitudinal ≤1.6mm>1.6-3.0mm>3.0-6.0mmMpa 1001051105
Tensile strength (minimum) transverse ≤1.6mm>1.6-3.0mm>3.0-6.0mmMpa 7580856
Elongation (minimum) longitudinal %3.07
Elongation (minimum) lateral % 4.08 shrinkage (maximum) longitudinal transverse thickness % moisture (maximum) % 610 ash (maximum) % 111
Electrical strength (minimum) oil ≤1.6mm>1.6-3.0mm>3.0-6.0mmKV/mm 40353012 Water extraction conductivity (maximum) ms/m813 water extraction PH value / 6-9, transformers and other equipment Used as insulation material.

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