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Silicone Resin Fiberglass Sleeve

Silicone Resin Fiberglass Sleeve

What is the product characteristics of Silicone Resin Fiberglass Sleeve, Glass fiber insulation sleeve

Silicone Resin Fiberglass Sleeve
Silicone Resin Fiberglass Sleeve

It is made of alkali-free glass fiber woven tube coated with silicone resin. And after being heated and plasticized, it forms the final product.
It has strong dielectric properties, high heat resistance, good self extinguishing and softness, and is widely used in H grade insulation. It is used for insulation protection of motors, household appliances, lamps, electric products, electrical appliances and heat-resistant electrical appliances.
The products are in a leading position in the same industry in China and have a high reputation. They are trusted by customers. The products are sold in more than 20 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions across the country and are sold well all over the world. Products have passed UL and SGS certification, in line with the EU ROHS requirements of environmental protection requirements, prompt delivery, price concessions.Heat resistance: H
Withstand voltage: 1.5kv/2.5kv/4kv
Normal color: white, black, as well as brown red, bright red, blue, yellow, green and gray.
Specification: inner diameter ≥1.0mm, ≤40mm
Length: can be made in meters or roll, other requirements need negotiation.
Packaging: woven bag or carton
Storage period: 12 months
ZTELEC Silicone Resin Fiberglass Sleeve, made in a clean room with new equipment, outstanding quality

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