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NEMA G10 Fiberglass Sheet

NEMA G10 Fiberglass Sheet

What is the product characteristics of NEMA G10 Fiberglass Sheet, g10 fr4 glass epoxy sheet

NEMA G10 Fiberglass Sheet
NEMA G10 Fiberglass Sheets
made of imported glass fiber cloth impregnated with halogen-free flame retardant epoxy resin by high temperature and high pressure. It has high mechanical properties, dielectric properties and flame retardancy, and good heat resistance. It has good moisture resistance and good machinability; it can be used as insulation structural parts in electrical equipment and can be used in transformer oil; this product can be exported to Southeast Asia, EU, and the European Union through the requirements of EU RHOS and SGS standards. India and other regions.

g10 fr4 glass epoxy sheet has the following features:
Halogen-free, low-smoke environmentally friendly products
Excellent voltage withstand capability (electrical strength ≥16 Kv/mm)
Excellent water absorption (water absorption ≤ 0.2%)
Excellent heat resistance (heat resistance level up to 155 °C)
Excellent thermal shock resistance (-273°C to +155°C)
Excellent machinability and high degree of automated processing
RoHS, Reach certified products

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