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NEMA G11 Epoxy Glass Laminate

NEMA G11 Epoxy Glass Laminate

How is NEMA G11 Epoxy Glass Laminate made, the product characteristics of IEC EPGC306 Epoxy Glass Fiber Sheet, and the application range of G11/FR5 laminate

NEMA G11 Epoxy Glass Laminate
NEMA G11 Epoxy Glass Laminate
Product Specifications
product description 
IEC EPGC306 Epoxy Glass Fiber Sheet is a hard plate-shaped insulating material which is made by importing non-alkali glass fiber cloth into imported pure epoxy ester resin and adding corresponding imported flame retardant, adhesive and the like. It still has good mechanical properties and dielectric properties at high temperatures.
1. Thickness: 0.1mm ~ 100mm
2, size: 1020X1220mm (can be customized)
3, color: water green / yellow / brown (can be customized according to customer needs)

1. Flame retardant rating is UL94 V0
2. NEMA G11/FR5 laminate Heat resistance class C, heat resistance (120min) can reach 220 °C
3. High mechanical properties (bending, compression, tensile transverse strength are above 330Mpa)
4. High dielectric properties (vertical dielectric strength of 16KV/mm in oil at 25°C).
5. Good machinability, can be stamped, cut and other processing according to customer requirements, directly providing insulation accessories. Applications 
It is suitable for use as insulation structural parts in motors and electrical equipment. Can be used in humid environments and transformer oils. High voltage switchgear, high voltage switch.
Such as: insulation material at both ends of the motor stator, rotor end plate (rotor insulation sheet).

ZTELEC G11 Epoxy Glass Laminate, stable performance at high temperatures, samples available

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