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cotton phenolic rod

cotton phenolic rod

What is cotton phenolic rod, the use of phenolic cotton laminated rod, the technical parameters of phenolic cotton laminate,Bakelite stick price

Cotton phenolic rod
The PFCC42 phenolic cotton cloth laminating rod is a phenolic cotton cloth rod with a circular cross section formed by hot pressing of cotton cloth with phenolic resin.
1. Cotton phenolic rod has high mechanical properties, mechanical and electrical (rough cloth).
2, Bakelite stick can process a variety of high mechanical strength mechanical or electrical parts
3, phenolic cotton laminate bar specifications:
Product length: 1000mm
Diameter: 8 ~ 200mm
4. The company has passed ISO9001 quality system certification.
5, phenolic cotton cloth laminate appearance:surface should be smooth and smooth, no bubbles, oil and impurities, allow for uneven color, scratches, slight height inequality, allow for end or section Cracks that hinder the use.
density g/cm3 1.20~1.40
Vertical layer bending strength MPa 90
Compressive strength MPa 80
Insulation resistance after immersion 1
Parallel layer breakdown voltage in transformer oil at 90±2°C kV 5
Long-term heat resistance TI 120
Water absorption mg/cm2 8
Temperature index 120

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