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PVC Glassfiber Sleeve

PVC Glassfiber Sleeve

What is PVC Glassfiber Sleeve? What is the use of PVC heat shrinkable sleeves? PVC specifications

PVC Glassfiber Sleeve
Product Description
PVC Glassfiber Sleeve is made of PVC (polyvinyl chloride) resin powder with pigments, plastic plasticizers and other auxiliary materials. It is formed by high-speed kneading, extrusion, positive pressure expansion and cooling. It uses the "memory reduction" effect of plastics. , to achieve the effect of heat shrinkage.

PVC heat shrinkable sleeves are widely used in electronic products such as electrolytic capacitors and inductors, and insulating outer coverings of various batteries, lighting, wiring harnesses and busbars, which can protect the products from moisture, insulation and aesthetics. It can also be used for the outer packaging of iron pipes such as telescopic rods, shower curtain rods, hardware furniture, etc., instead of spraying, to improve production efficiency, reduce the overall production cost and reduce environmental pollution.

Product specifications
Heat resistance: A
Withstand voltage: 1.5kv / 2.5kv / 4kv
Normal color: white, and brown red, bright red, blue, yellow, green and gray.
Specifications: inner diameter ≥1.0mm, ≤40mm
Length: can be meter or volume, other requirements need to be negotiated.

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