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Htg Fiberglass Sleeve

Htg Fiberglass Sleeve

What is Htg Fiberglass Sleeve?What are the advantages of high temperature resistant casing?What is the specification of the heat setting sleeve?

Htg Fiberglass Sleeve
, also known as high temperature resistant casing, heat set casing. A high-temperature resistant insulating sleeve made of an alkali-free glass fiber woven into a tube and then impregnated with a silane-based adhesive by high-temperature dewaxing and sizing.

Its temperature resistance can reach more than 600 degrees Celsius. It has the characteristics of resistance to stretching and high temperature resistance. It is suitable for wiring insulation of electric motors, electrical appliances and wire sheathing of household appliances.

Product Parameters
Specification Wall
0.5-3.0 0.18±0.05 -10℃+600℃ 300V-700V VW-1
4.0-6.0 0.30±0.05 -10℃+600℃ 300V-700V VW-1
7.0-12.0 0.35±0.05 -10℃+600℃ 300V-700V VW-1
14.0-30.0 0.43±0.05 -10℃+600℃ 300V-700V VW-1
Temperature resistance index: about 600 ° C;
Product color: white (beige), color can be customized;
Product material: glass fiber, silane adhesive;
Product packaging: whole roll bag, special requirements can be customized;
Appearance quality: the surface is round and the cut is not loose;
Burning requirements: the casing is burned in a 500 °C horse-burning furnace and does not harden, but allows for trace amounts of smoke.

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