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Transformer accessories

Polyester heat shrink tape

Polyester heat shrink tape

What is Polyester heat shrink tape? What is the use of Heat Shrink Polyester Tape? What are the advantages of an electrician's shrink band? Product performance of shrink tape

Heat Shrink Polyester Tape
polyester heat shrinkable tape is woven from special high shrinkage polyester fiber yarn, which has certain chemical resistance and insulation. Used as a tie-in insulation for transformers, motors and appliances.
Product Usage:
The utility model has the advantages of simple construction, replacement of the white yarn belt, fastening of the coil, no need to immerse the paint, high shrinkage, high tensile strength, no slack and falling off, and no pollution to the transformer oil. Used in the manufacturing process of transformers, transformers, motors and other electromechanical products, the external, coil, transposition and other parts of the coil and the lead plate in the body.

Product advantages
1 Simplify the transformer production process and improve processing efficiency.
2 Minimize wood, fasteners and reduce transformer size, greatly reducing manufacturing costs.
3 Significantly improve the performance and overall quality of the transformer.

Product performance
1) High insulation grade, good electrical performance; dielectric constant 3, between oil and cardboard, super stable loss.
2) The heat shrinkage amount is up to 30%, the binding is firm, durable, and does not rebound or slack.
3) The tensile strength is high, and the mechanical strength is dozens of times more than the tape.
4) Purified substances, no burrs, off-line, streaks and other defects, and no dirt and other substances harmful to electrical insulation.
5) Avoid many angular parts, save cost and save space; more convenient, more reliable and more beautiful.

Nominal width (mm): 20, 25, 30

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