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Unidirectional Binding Tape

Unidirectional Binding Tape

A ribbon of continuous fibers arranged in parallel, without weft, bonded by an adhesive.

Insulating Impregnating---- Unidrectional Binding Tape
It has good electrical insulation properties, good flexibility and high tensile strength, which can work continuously at 130 ℃, 155 ℃ and 200 ℃ according to different heat-resistance classes. It’ s the most suitable banding material for large motor, transformer, lightning arrestor and inductor.
Items Components Non-alkali Fiberglass Yarn Thermosetting Resin
Heat- resistance Class Specification
2830 Parallel Unidirectional 
Binding Tape
B Class Thickness  0.17mm 25mm Width     
(2.5~2.6)kg/roll  250m      
(1.0~1.1)kg/roll  100m               
 50mm Width    
(2.0~2.1)kg/roll 100m       
(1.0~1.1)kg/roll  50m
2841 Parallel Unidirectional 
Binding Tape
F Class
2841 Mesh Unidirectional 
Binding Tape
F Class Thickness  0.30mm 25mm Width     
(2.5~2.6) kg/roll 200m 50mm Width   
(2.5~2.6)kg/roll  100m
2851 Mesh Unidirectional 
Binding Tape
H Class

StorageStore at the temperature below 30 ℃; if the temperature is higher than 30 ℃, it should be stored in freezer.
Storage Period: 2 months (26-30℃), 3 months(21-25℃), 4 months(16-20℃), 6 months(11-15℃), 6 months(6-10℃), 12 months(<5℃).

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