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Cable Paper(Insulating Kraft Paper)

Cable Paper(Insulating Kraft Paper)

Cable paper, also known as insulating paper, is a paper with insulating properties and loss of dirt.

Cable Paper(Insulating Kraft Paper)  
Cable Paper is made of 100% purity sulfate insulating wood pulp. It is widely used on HV cable, signal cable, electromagnetic wire, transformer, mutual inductor, electric reactor, etc.  
Thickness:  50um,80um,130um,150um,180um,200um,300um 
Width: 625mm, 980mm, 1920mm(Ribbon is available)
Roll Diameter: 650~1000mm       Weight of Each Roll: 220~350Kg   
Property Index:
No. Properties Unit Index
1 Thickness   um 130±6 (Current Specifications)
2 Tightness   g/cm3 0.85-0.95
3 Tensile Strength MD KN/m ≥11.0
CD ≥5.20
4 Elongation MD % ≥2.0
CD ≥5.4
5 Endurance (times) ≥2200
6 Tearing Degree MN ≥1020
7 Voltage Resistance kv/mm ≥8.0
8 Air Permeability um/(pa.s) ≤0.51
9 Conductivity ms/m ≤8.0
10 Ash Content % ≤0.7
11 Moisture Content % 6.0-8.0
12 Dielectric Loss(100℃) % ≤0.50
 Note:The data in the above table only represents typical or average data, just for reference in practical application. It does not bear any responsibility for the use of the product or related legal liability.
Package&Storage: Packed in plastic bag and corrugated paper; store at room temperature; avoid sunlight, moisture and fire. The storage period is 12 months.

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