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2432 Alkyd Glass Varnish Cloth

2432 Alkyd Glass Varnish Cloth

Has good dielectric property, mechanical property and heat resistance, oil resistance, and a certain mildew resistance, heat resistance. Can be used as oil-immersed transformers, oil circuit breakers and other electrical equipment, coil insulation, motor

2432 Alkyd Glass Varnish Cloth
This product is made of electroless alkali glass fiber cloth soaked with oil modified alkyd insulating lacquer. The product has high heat resistance, mechanical properties and dielectric properties. Although it has less elongation than 2210, it has good oil resistance, it can be used for linings to contact transformer oil and gasoline, and the heat resistance grade of alkyd lacquer ribbon is 130

Item Model Main ingredient Characteristic Temperature
Oily  silky paint 2210 Silkworm 
Oily insulating
Used for motor and electrical appliances
 binding up and liner insulation.
Oily synthetic fiber
 paint silk
2310 Synthetic 
fiber silk
Alkyd glass
 varnish cloth
2432 Alkali-free 
glass cloth
Alkyd insulating 
Has good dielectric property, 
mechanical property and heat resistance, 
oil resistance,and a certain mildew resistance, 
heat resistance.
Can be used as oilimmersed transformers, 
oil circuit breakers and other electrical equipment,
 coil insulation, motor bandage and liner insulation.
Modified Polyester
 glass varnish cloth
2440 Modified polyester
 insulating varnish
Silicone glass
 varnish cloth
2450 Silicone insulting 

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