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How is electrical insulation paper produced?

The insulating paper used in the three-phase power distribution dry-type transformer is made of a special process and is also made of insulating paper made of insulating paper. Insulating paper is mainly used as an insulating medium in capacitors and as interlayer insulation when winding transformers. Insulation paper or insulating paperboard is used as the insulating material. After the electrical equipment is made, the insulating varnish should be impregnated to enhance the moisture resistance and increase the resistance value.
Insulation paper is the most important insulation component material in oil-immersed transformers. Unlike metal conductors, electrical insulation paper does not pollute transformer oil and has good compatibility with transformer oil.
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Insulation paper production process
1. Select suitable insulating paper to control the color difference of the insulating paper within an acceptable range. The electrical properties and mechanical strength of the insulating paper should be tested. To confirm the grams and size of the product with the customer, the staff will cut the pattern from the reel that meets the specifications and check with the customer. (samples are provided free of charge)
2. After confirming the parameters of the insulation paper, cut the paper on the machine. Control the width of the reel, conventional 31-inch, 35-inch, 43-inch, 47-inch roll width and so on.
3. After the insulation paper is cut, the quality of the paper is checked. Insulation paper with quality problems such as wrinkles and black spots should be picked out in time and added. The staff also needs to measure the length and width of the insulating paper to control the product tolerance to a certain range to ensure the quality of the goods.
4. After completing the quality inspection of the insulation paper, carry out the packaging. According to the customer's requirements, the packaging, and moisture protection, to ensure that the insulation paper is delivered to the customer's hand is neat and intact.

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