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The difference between FR-3 CCL and FR-4 CCL

The epoxy paper substrate is a paper-based copper clad laminate using an epoxy resin as a binder. It is slightly better than FR-l in electrical and mechanical properties. Its main product model is FR-3, and the market is mostly in Europe.
The epoxy fiberglass cloth substrate is a kind of substrate which is made of epoxy resin as a binder and electronic grade glass fiber cloth as a reinforcing material. Its bonding sheet and inner core thin copper clad plate are important substrates for making multilayer printed circuit boards.
The epoxy fiberglass cloth substrate has higher mechanical properties, dimensional stability, impact resistance, and moisture resistance than paper substrates. Its electrical performance is excellent, its operating temperature is high, and its performance is less affected by the environment. In terms of processing technology, it has great advantages over other resin fiberglass cloth substrates. These products are mainly used for double-sided PCBs and are used in large quantities. Epoxy fiberglass cloth substrate, the most widely used product model is FR-4. In recent years, due to the development of electronic product installation technology and PCB technology, high Tg FR-4 products have appeared.
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