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The difference between GRE pipe and GRP pipe

GRP tube  is used for ballast water pipes, but GRE pipe is used in seawater pipelines. These two pipes are used more and more, but what are the specific differences between the two?
GRE tube ,GRP pipe,FRP TUBE
FRP: FRP is a general term for glass fiber reinforced composite materials, which is the general term for FRP, which contains GRE and GRP. FRP is composed of matrix material and reinforcing material. Because of the difference of matrix material, we have GRE, some are called GRP, the matrix material is generally resin, the reinforcing material is glass fiber, and other raw materials are added in the production process to obtain better. Performance, for example, the addition of graphite or carbon fiber can achieve the performance of conducting static electricity. When the phenolic resin is used as the matrix material, the high temperature resistance can be obtained, and the high temperature can be instantaneously withstand 3000 degrees Celsius.
The conductive properties of FRP pipes make it very popular and concerned in the shipbuilding industry in recent years. Special ships such as oil tankers, chemical tankers, offshore platforms and other ship ballast systems use FRP at the request of foreign ship owners. Pipes and fittings, its advantages, in addition to the above can lead to static electricity, there are many advantages, such as light weight, the general same diameter of the FRP pipe only 35% of the weight of carbon steel pipe, is resistant to seawater corrosion, generally FRP tube manufacturers can promise: 50 years of use. In fact, it is no problem to use 80 years, and can be made into different colors. and many more. The disadvantage is that it can withstand the pressure bottom, generally about 10KG (GRP pipe), but it is enough in the ballast system, it is the damage to the environment, the operator is very easy to skin allergies, etc.

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