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What are the advantages of FR-4 epoxy board?

The 3240 and FR-4 are two common types of epoxy boards, and many people think they are the same. But in fact, they are not, and the FR-4 epoxy board has an advantage in performance.

Advantage 1: Good flame retardant performance.
The FR-4 epoxy sheet is an improved version of the 3240 epoxy fiberglass board. The flame retardant properties of FR-4 epoxy board meet the national UL 94V-0 standard.

  Advantage 2: The color is pure.
Its color is very natural, and the color of the 3240 epoxy board is a bit blinking. It doesn't look very natural. Most of the colors are not very uniform.

  Advantage three: no radiation, environmental protection.
The 3240 epoxy fiberglass board is halogen-containing and is not environmentally friendly to the human body. Nor is it in line with the country's green sustainable development strategy. The FR-4 epoxy board is non-radiative and green.

  Advantage 4: Good dimensional stability.
FR-4 epoxy board will not be affected by the environment, it is also beneficial to people's processing. It also helps to maintain the tightness of the instrument.

  Advantage 5: Low water absorption.
The FR-4 epoxy board has a low water absorption, which is very helpful for its use in power transformers and other equipment.
 FR-4 epoxy board

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