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How to store Electrical Paperboard

High-density composite Electrical Paperboard is made of high-density paper made of pure natural wood pulp and compounded with special adhesive. Wood pulp is a natural product made of wood. Transformer paperboard, like wood, is hygroscopic and susceptible to the surrounding climatic conditions and must be considered during storage and storage of the board.
 The outside of the cardboard is carefully wrapped in a plastic film and then placed in a pallet box, wooden box or U-shaped box. The film is designed to reduce the weather and prevent moisture and dust.
  The transformer board (especially after the package is opened) should be stored in a dry room away from the vents. Because of the large temperature fluctuations (relative relative humidity) near the location of the radiator, cooler, and window, the storage location should be avoided.
                                          Electrical Paperboard
  Transformer paperboards should not be stacked directly on the ground and can be placed on flat, dry, resin-free wood pallets or wooden shelves.
  When stored for long periods of time, the Electrical Paperboard must be covered with a plastic film. This simple method can greatly reduce the rate of moisture absorption and prevent the board from becoming wavy due to moisture absorption.

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