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Are you looking for Dog bone?

Many people will find that when they do foreign trade, it is not their own products that do not open the market are not good, nor is it that their products do not have needs, but because of the differences in language and culture, the names of many products are different from what they are called. . For example, Dog bone.
Dog bone is not a real dog bone but an insulating material. Dog bone's international common name is pultruded fiberglass profiles. So why do people call it Dog bone? Because of the many shapes of pultruded fiberglass profiles, there are I-shaped, from the side of the look like a dog biting bones, hence the name Dog bone.
Dog bone is pultruded fiberglass profiles
Because of its own material, Dog bone is very hard, and its density is very low, so it is often used in the bracing of dry-type transformers.
ZTELEC Dog bone is of good quality and low price.

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