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Where is the difference between DMD, DMDM, and NHN

Many people often mix three types of materials when they first come into contact. So what is the difference between the three?
The same insulation, but it can be divided into different categories such as DMD insulation paper, DMDM ​​insulation paper and NHN insulation paper. DMD insulation paper is a kind of polyester film polyester fiber non-woven fabric soft composite material. It is a layer of polyester film coated with adhesive, one side is polyester fiber non-woven fabric composite calendering.
The most obvious difference between DMD insulation paper and DMDM ​​insulation paper is their number of layers. DMD refers to three layers of composite insulation paper, then DMDM ​​is composite insulation paper. Although the number of layers is different, they all have good mechanical and electrical properties and are suitable for slot insulation and gasket insulation of electrical appliances. The heat-resistance rating is 130.
Let's talk about NHN insulation paper, which is used as insulation material for various electrical equipment such as cables and coils, so it has good insulation properties and mechanical strength. We can judge the quality of NHN insulation paper by intuitive observation method, for example, see the product specifications, insulation resistance, leakage current and other insulation characteristic parameters.
Where is the difference between DMD, DMDM, and NHN?
When the content of impurities and moisture in the NHN insulation paper is high, its conductivity will increase, resulting in an increase in the leakage current value, so be sure to choose a good quality product. In this way, the design of the transformer can be greatly improved, the power loss can be reduced, the standby capacity can be increased, the safety and reliability can be increased, and the amount of steel used for the conductor and core can be reduced, thereby reducing the cost.
NHN insulation paper is widely used in motors and generators for slot wedge insulation, phase insulation, end laminates, etc. to protect various types of equipment, making various types of rotating equipment more insulative and mechanical. Better safety, longer service life.
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