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The essential difference between mica tube and epoxy tube

Divided from the material:
Mica tube is a rigid tubular insulating material that is made by stripping mica or mica paper with a suitable adhesive on a single-sided reinforcing material. It has high mechanical strength and is suitable for the insulation of electrodes, rods or outlet sleeves in various motors and electrical equipment.
Epoxy tube is made of electroless E-glass fiber cloth impregnated with epoxy resin, after baking, forming the mold after hot pressing processed round cross-section of the rod of the glass cloth rod, with high mechanical properties. Dielectric properties and good machinability. Heat-resistant grades can be divided into B grade (130 degrees) F grade (155 degrees) H grade (180 degrees) C grade (180 degrees or more). Suitable for electrical components in insulating structures, and can be used in humid environment and in transformer oil
Epoxy Fiberglass Laminated sheet
From the production process points:
Mica tubes are cast with molds, and good mica tube molds must have extremely high wear and anti-adhesion properties. Single-ended heating tubes The surface treatment of stainless steel sheet molds is superhard metal carbide or nitride coating. Macroscopically, the hardness is extremely uneven, and it is easy to form work hardening. When the welded pipe is formed: Our analysis of the imported welded pipe mould shows that the following is a comparison of the process die and the nitriding die. Reduce after-sales service workload. The performance of the mold and the surface of the welded pipe are easy to be damaged and the life of the mold is low. Use value. Due to the high strength of stainless steel and its structure of face-centered cubic lattice, the service life of the mold is greatly improved. Practice has shown that it has extremely high wear-resistance and seizure resistance, and can fundamentally solve the problem of bridging of welded pipe due to Cr12MoV. The materials belong to high-carbon high-chromium alloy steel, which is formed by 309s stainless steel tube rolled through several moulds and welded. The inhomogeneity of the mold surface cannot be eliminated, the hardness of the matrix even further decreases, and the stainless steel welded pipe is on the pipe forming machine.
Epoxy pipe can be divided into winding and winding cloth according to the process. The winding technology has high precision and the product surface is smooth. The roll cloth has low precision and is suitable for insulating parts that do not require high precision.

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