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Fiberglass Dogbone

Author:ZTELEC   Update time:2017-08-01 14:35:30

Fiberglass Dogbone
Fiberglass Dogbone
, also known as FRP Dog Bone, Pultuded Dogbone, etc., is a profile produced by a pultrusion process by impregnating a thermosetting resin with an alkali-free glass fiber. It has high mechanical strength, excellent electrical properties, flame retardancy, corrosion resistance, arc resistance, etc. advantage. F-grade and H-grade struts can be produced according to different raw materials and processes. Dry-type transformers, reactors, high-voltage inverter power modules, power capacitors, isolating switches, load switches, on-load tap-changers, test devices, reactive power are widely used. Insulation structure support for high voltage products such as power compensation and filters.

The advantages of Fiberglass Dogbone
1. High mechanical strength: Due to the use of unidirectional fiber with a content of up to 70% as a reinforcing material, it has high tensile, late and compressive strength.
2, light weight, good economic efficiency
 FRP Dog Bone is about 4 times lighter than steel and 30% lighter than aluminum. It is easy to transport, install and maintain. Its comprehensive economic benefits are good.
3, excellent electrical insulation
 Because Pultuded Dogbone has a small air gap, it has excellent electrical insulation properties.
4, the size is accurate and stable
Fiberglass Dogbone has a lower coefficient of thermal expansion than most plastics and is less moisture-absorbing and therefore dimensionally stable.
5, the application process is good, the scope of application is wide, the customer can freely design the section size.
It can be made in one time according to user's requirements. The products with different cross-section shapes and different lengths are accurate in size, with small tolerances, good surface finish, no mechanical processing, and can be directly applied, which is very convenient.

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