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Diamond glue film 6130

Author:ZTELEC   Update time:2017-04-28 17:23:16

Diamond glue film 6130
Temperature grade: B-class 

Products are mainly used for instrument transformer, transformer insulation between the layers and turn to turn insulation.
The products are widely used in the interlayer insulation and interturn insulation of the oil immersed power transformers. In the process of drying, the coating layer begins to melt at a certain temperature during the drying process of the coating layer and produces adhesion. As the temperature rises, it begins to solidify, so that the adjacent layers of the winding are glued into a fixed unit reliably. The adhesive strength of epoxy resin is sufficient to prevent the displacement of each layer of the winding during short circuit, thus ensuring the electrical and mechanical properties of the long insulation structure.