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SBW three-phase automatic compensation transformer

Author:ZTELEC   Update time:2017-09-01 10:51:34

SBW three-phase automatic compensation transformer
SBW three-phase automatic compensation transformer
has the advantages of large capacity, high efficiency, no waveform distortion, stable voltage regulation, etc. It is suitable for a wide range of loads, can withstand transient overload, can work continuously for a long time, manual/automatic switching, with overvoltage protection and phase loss. , phase sequence protection and automatic protection of mechanical faults, this machine has the advantages of reliable operation, small size, light weight, convenient installation and so on.
Protective function 
Input voltage 380V±20c/o or wide voltage special custom Single-phase 220V±20c/o Overvoltage Output exceeds rated voltage 10c/o (adjustable), delay 3-5 seconds to cut off output power
Output voltage can be selected within 380V±5c/o. Single-phase 220V±5c/o can be selected. Undervoltage output is lower than rated voltage -15c/o (adjustable), delay 3-5 seconds to cut off output power
Voltage regulation accuracy 1-5c/o can be set Delay 2 seconds to cut off the output power
Frequency 50Hz/60Hz Short circuit When the load device is short-circuited, cut off the output power
Strain time ≤0.05S Overcurrent When the rated output current is exceeded, the output power is cut off by 3-5 seconds.
Settling time The input voltage changes step-by-step with the rated value by 10c/o, and its settling time ≤1S. Reverse phase. When the three-phase electrical phase sequence is faulty, the machine alarms and cuts off the output power.
Other indicators
Additional waveform distortion ≤1c/o Withstand voltage The whole machine has no breakdown and no arcing at 2000VAC/min.
Noise <55dB insulation resistance Machine to ground ≥ 2MΩ
Efficiency below 50KVA is greater than 95c/o, above 100KVA is greater than 98c/o EMI filter device can effectively filter harmonic interference of power grid
Relative Humidity 20c/o-90c/o Lightning Protection Device It can provide good surge current protection when the power grid changes instantaneously and inductive lightning strikes.

After years of research and development, ZTELEC has manufactured SBW three-phase automatic compensation transformer. All are welcome to the factory to purchase, low prices, good quality.