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What is the difference between differential protection of oil-immersed power transformers and gas pr

Author:ZTELEC   Update time:2018-09-07 16:21:46
1. Oil-immersed power transformer differential protection is designed and manufactured according to the principle of circulating current, and gas protection is designed and manufactured according to the characteristics that the internal fault of the transformer will generate or decompose the gas.
2. Differential protection is the active protection of the transformer, and the gas protection is the active protection when the internal fault of the transformer.
3. Different protection scopes:

A oil immersed power transformer differential protection:
1) Multi-phase short circuit occurs in the main transformer lead-out line and the transformer coil.
2) Single-phase severe inter-turn short circuit.
3) Protect the grounding fault of the coil and the lead wire in the high current grounding system.
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B gas protection:
1) Multiphase short circuit inside the oil immersed distribution transformer.
2) Short circuit between turns, short circuit between turn and iron core or outside.
3) Oil-immersed transformer core failure (heating burn).
4) Oil leakage under the oil surface.
6) Poor contact of the tap-changer or wire welding is not tight

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