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Transformer working condition

Author:ZTELEC   Update time:2018-05-08 16:05:10
 After the operation of the transformer state of operation is divided into four states, namely, running state, hot standby state, cold standby state and maintenance state.

Operation status: The circuit breaker and isolation switch of the transformer are all in the working state of closing position;

Hot standby state: The transformer only disconnects the circuit breaker and the disconnector is still in the non-operating state of the closing position;
Transformer operation status

Cold Standby: Transformer circuit breakers and disconnectors are in non-operating state at the opening position.

Maintenance status: All circuit breakers and disconnectors of the transformer have been disconnected, and the non-operational state of safety technical measures such as installing the grounding line, hanging the nameplate, and setting temporary barriers has been completed.