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Can the isolating transformer replace the autotransformer

Author:ZTELEC   Update time:2017-10-15 15:27:31
In this era of advanced electrical appliances, we pay special attention to the safety of electricity, so the isolated transformer came into being. Compared to the safe isolation transformer, the autotransformer has the danger of electric shock (due to the connection between the initial and secondary windings, due to the existence of a common connection place). So why is the isolation transformer so safe that it can't replace the autotransformer?
Can the isolating transformer replace the autotransformer
Compared with isolated transformer, autotransformer has the following advantages:

1. Small volume. The primary and secondary windings share a coil (the low voltage coil is part of the high voltage coil), and the intercepting area of the autotransformer core is smaller than that of the isolated transformer core with the same power.
2, the consumption of materials is less and the cost is low. The primary and secondary windings share a coil, and the winding coil is less than the isolating transformer with the same power, so the cost is lower than that of the isolation transformer.
3, the loss is little, the efficiency is high. Because the consumption of enameled wire and iron core silicon steel sheet of autotransformer decreases, the copper loss and iron loss are smaller than that of isolating transformer, so the efficiency is higher.
Therefore, there are still many transformers using autotransformer in the case of primary and secondary isolation.